Trans Photo Digital Artistry (TM) a trademarked medium created by the Artist / Photographer Lynda H. Payton. 2017 CNBC archive contributor of photographic and video work for the award winning documentary series American Greed. Early works were done in the mediums of charcoal and watercolor until she discovered the digital world. The medium of trans photo digital artistry came to life through her creativity in the editing process of her digital photographs. This propelled her into the art world exhibiting her work in galleries in the U.S. and abroad. Completing projects for PBS award winning Producer Terence Greene, movie Writer / Producer Marc Cacey who's projects include Nikita Blues, Forbidden Fruits and most recent Detention Day, PBS award winning music writer / producer Tony Wood, and a host of HBO, Showtime, Def Jam, and Comic View Comedians.


Trans Photo Digital Artistry (TM)


We offer custom artwork, graphic design, photography and custom t-shirts.

Located in Kansas City MO.


5923 Troost Ave Kansas City MO United States

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